Water which has been heated into vapor, leaving behind impurities. This steam is then condensed into fresh, crystal clear water and further ozonised to remove organic and biological contaminants.

A nature's way of purifying water, actually removes water (in the form of vapor) from the heavier materials while, other types of water treatment attempt to remove contaminants from water, rather than removingwater fromcontaminants.

Available in different sizes such as: 600 ml, 1.5 liter,
8 liters, and 5 US Gallons.

SUCI Distilled Drinking Water is highly recommended for homes, schools, coffee houses, restaurants, offices, sport centres, hospitals, nursing houses and many more.



- Office personnel are equipped with walkie-talkie system for fast and easy communication.

- UBS Program, network system computers and on-line internet system for more advance communication facilities.

- All sales personnel are equipped with mobile phones to ensure prompt communications for customers and office.

- All truck-drivers are equipped with mobile phones to monitor their locations for quick deliveries.


- Metal frame pallets are used in the warehouse to ensure proper storage of goods.

- Under contract with ISS Services Sdn. Bhd. for pest control and to ensure good hygiene.

- Use of forklift for easy loading and unloading of goods.







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